About three years ago I finally talked myself into investing in a Pocket Ox Cow. I was retiring and planned to hunt enough to be almost certain to harvest an elk.

Just before elk season I tore up my shoulder and missed elk season that year. The next year my shoulder was recovered enough to shoot my bow, carefully, but was not able to find a cooperative elk.

This season, after a hernia repair mid-summer making me a
little cautious about over exerting, I enjoyed a text book encounter with an elk and sent an arrow to successfully invite a young six point bull home for dinner. Unfortunately, I hunt alone and this elk chose to end up head down on a steep slope with legs wrapped up in alders.

Even after cutting several of the alders out of the way, I could not budge the elk. I hooked up the Pocket Ox and with no strain was able to reorient the elk so I could work on it. When I was ready to work on the other side, it was a simple matter to hook up in another location and without any effort to speak of lift and roll the elk over.

I am more than pleased with the Pocket Ox. It made moving the elk around in a very challenging location a very simple job. After field dressing all of my other elk I have been exhausted. After this elk I had energy left for an enjoyable two hour hike out to my truck.

Thanks for producing a great, high quality and extremely useful product for hunters, especially those who hunt alone.

Dave M.  Idaho