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Why does everything we buy today need to be modified? An 80-dollar Decoy bag shouldn’t come with a 70-cent drawstring!  We’ll pay another three bucks! Just make it right! Once!  We have over designed and overbuilt these tools just like you would if you were building it for yourself.

Every effort is made to source components from US and Canadian manufactures. However, most Suppliers do not provide nation of origin certifications.  Pocket Ox products are Made in the USA using world sourced materials.

History  These tools started out just like most great ideas. In a fit of anger. Anger over yet another a piece of garbage that was designed to be marketable but not functional.  Over eight years in field trials and product development. First of course for personal use and later to answer the reoccurring question “Hey, can you make one of those for me?” I always knew I had something pretty cool but it finally sank in one cold November night when I had to phone my day job. Asking for a day off to extend a solo hunting trip. Explaining that I had a bull elk in a tree and buddies coming at daylight to help pack. My boss seemed suspicious. “A whole elk? (It was freezing so I had left the hide on.)  “By yourself? Better take a picture.”  That’s when I realized what had become commonplace for my circle of friends might be kinda extraordinary.

At this point our team (especially Helen) prefer to be invisible to our visitors. Just know that we could be your closest neighbor. If that neighbor is a family of honest, respectful do anything for you folk with a noisy basement and considerable UPS traffic.