And Urban Survival  Better than bed-sheets in the life or death decision to escape buildings on fire or under siege. Guaranteed to withstand nonlethal CME and EMP events.

Put more than just rope in your Aviators Emergency R & E   (Alaska Statutes Sec. 02.35.110)

These hoist have individual components that may prove useful in the field as standalone items for equipment repairs or survival situations.

800lb Spectra® fiber Gripbraid® cordage. Considerably stronger than Mil spec. 550 parachute cord at 1/3 the weight and less than 1/2 the bulk.  Emergency Lashing, for Shelters, Bush Repairs, Signal Structures, First-Aid, Large Animal Snares, Avalanche Cord, Chairlift self-rescue or other Emergency Repels, Ice/Swift-water rescue. Replacement Anchor or Down-rigger cable. Maybe not survival but may save a fishing trip. This Orange line is made up of 8 individual Spectra® Fiber yarns averaging about 100 lbs.each. The line from our smallest hoist (Calf) can be broken down to yield 800 feet of 100lb string for Emergency fishing line, Snare/Net making, Emergency sutures, Sewing…. and Slicing cheese?

Stainless Steel Plates. 35, 28 or 21 square inches of reflective surface for Signal mirrors, Fish lures or Wind-chimes.

Stainless Steel wire (Line Storage hoop) 20+ inches 3/32” rod. for Equipment repairs, Frog/Fish gigs. It is no coincidence that the winding hoop wire is sized to serve as a substitute hoist cotter pin.

Cotter Pins (split pins) 2 per hoist can be used as heavy Stitching Needles or fashioned into effective Fishhooks, and Spear/Harpoon barbs.

2,000 Lb. Line (20+ feet of Vectran-12)  Don’t cut it!  (Unless you need a tourniquet.) Pull the clevis pins and loop to loop the red, green, and blue bridles.    Individual yarns are easily removed as well yielding 5 foot sections of powerful cordage. Twenty times 12….that’s a lot of string. (240′)