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Custom Bridles

Integrated attachment hardware

Extended travel




We can build hoists with extended travel. See our +50 upgrades. Custom continuous lengths of Gripbraid® can be specified to increase your hoist reach up to 50 feet. Note: A 16:1 Bull hoist with 50’ travel would require 805 feet of reeving line. 800′ / 16 = 50′

Cut lengths of Vectran Validator-12® (red, green, blue) rigging line for general use. Splice your own Soft Shackles, Slings, and Whoopie Slings. 1/8″ Validator-12® can be quoted by the foot at Parts & Service

Cut lengths of our proprietary Orange Gripbraid® for general use. Make your own superior survival bracelets and rifle slings using the Slatt’s Rescue Weave. Considerably Stronger, Lighter, and more Compact than traditional mil-spec. 550 cord. As illustrated in the image with 200 ft. Parachute cord. (That’s what true 550 is you know?)  Pocket Ox Gripbraid® by the foot can be quoted at Parts & Service

Currently the option of a 20:1 hoist named the Team is only available as a custom build. The 20 pulley Team has a greater mechanical advantage than the Bull hoist but carries the same load rating of 2,000 lbs. With the Team a single able-bodied Operator can generate the full 2,000 lbs. The max load ratings for the Team and the Bull hoists are similar because the failure mode of the larger hoists involves the bridle attachment points of which there are 4 per block in both configurations.

The Ringed Eye version of our hoists are specifically designed for users who typically carry ropes, slings, and attachment hardware Climbers, Arborist, Linemen etc. Ringed Eye hoists are more easily inverted and fouled up than those with long bridles and should be stored with rubber bands or zip ties to prevent a puzzle from developing.

Titanium? We’ve thought about it.  Titanium and Carbon fiber are listed as options in our patent applications. But we have not made any attempt to procure materials. Lighter weight is the challenge. There are no Ti replacements available for the stainless steel sealed bearings so the only components that could be offered in Ti would be the Plates, Clevis pins and Cotter pins. Assuming identical dimensions a weight reduction of 88g Bull,  66g Cow or 44g for the Calf.


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