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………how do you tie off the orange line to a cleatplate?

Answer:  It really doesn’t seem to matter. Multiple break tests using 3 different Cleat Plates and 12 variations of wraps and half-hitches all failed as one would expect with the 800 lb. Gripbraid being cut thru at the first contact point with the plate regardless of of how it was secured. All failures fell within a range of 142 and 166 lbs. with an average of about 148.

………why is the load rating the same for the Team and the Bull?

Answer:  The ultimate failure mode for the larger hoists is the bridle attachment points. In the typical configuration both the 16:1 Bull and the 20:1 Team have four bridal attachments per block. To date the Ringed Eye versions of these hoists have not been destructively tested.

………your plus 50 chart is confusing. You should fix it.

Answer: Thank you. We did but it still kinda sucks. Here’s an example. If you buy a Calf hoist it comes standard with 100 feet of line and reaches 12 feet when extended. That’s it’s reach or travel. You can double this reach by specifying an additional 100 feet. (Two +50s) (50 Bucks). And we will build you an 8:1 hoist with 200 feet of line that will have a block to block travel of 24′.

……..what do you wrap the rope around for storage in the pouch?

The Orange Gripbraid line is wrapped around a stainless wire “H”.  Plastic would have been cheaper.  But for equipment repairs and many other survival applications you just can’t beat 20″ of heavy gauge wire. You can see an image of our Line Storage Hoops in Parts & Service.