Stainless Steel Thingys for tying off fast.

Fast as securely not quickly.   Well both.

One pair (2)


Cleat Plates

Three Cleat Plates are included in each kit to allow quick securing of the reeving line or other cordage. These plates have four ears or horns to tie off to as one would a boat or dock cleat. Cleat Plates will typically be used girth hitched to the free end of one or more bridles but have a becket hole of sufficient size to accommodate current climbing rated hardware (carabiners) and may be attached anywhere in or separate from the main rigging. They may also be placed in the reeving line by passing a bight thru the carabiner hole and wrapping and half hitching the horns.  Then lowering the load slightly to allow the plate to lock against the fairlead block securing the suspended load. (right side of image #5) Much better shown in our videos than can be described here.

Safety Note:  Do Not to use as a friction device.

A couple wraps on a burr free climbing rated carabiner or similar hardware is the best friction option when lowering an extremely heavy load.  Do not use a Cleat Plate as a friction device as line damage will occur.


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