The 16 pulley Pocket Ox Bull mini-hoist is the largest production model. Weighs 24 oz. The Bull provides a mechanical advantage of 16:1 and is rated for 2,000 lbs (static load).

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16 pulley Bull is the largest production model. Sized to meet the storage constraints of Snow Machines, STOLs and ATVs. Weighing just 24 oz. it is barely noticed in the typical over packed day-pack. The Bull will function to 2,000 lbs. with a one person working range closer to 1,400 lbs. Recommended size for ATV and Snowmobile recovery, Technical Rescue, Multi person Expeditions, and Hunters wishing to hang whole Elk, Moose or Sasquatch. The Bull is fitted with 200 feet of Spectra® Gripbraid® line. Weighs 660g. Displaces 600cc.

The Bull provides a theoretical mechanical advantage of 16:1 and is rated for 2000lbs (static load).

Hoist Kits include a zippered storage pouch and the accessories shown in the Image with the pouch. If additional Rigging Line is ordered at the time of purchase the pouch will be up-sized accordingly.


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