Add versatility to your vertical Jack by converting it into an all position puller. This 7 oz. accessory allows the attachment of any variety of ropes and hardware. Specifically sized to accept the popular tow strap available from PowderJack.  Powder Snatch kits include 60 feet of synthetic cable for attachment to trees or other machines positioned as anchors.



These accessories are not manufactured by and to date have not been endorsed by PowderJack or SnowJack both of Colorado.  These fine jacks and segmented poles have been engineered to be used in compression not tension loaded. The use of our Powder Snatch accessories may void the warranty offered by the jack manufacturer.   Please specify thread count when ordering (5/8 – 11  or  7/16 -14)

We need to know the size of the studs that connect your pole sections. “PowderJack” pre 2008 and all “SnowJack” use U.S. 5/8-11 which measure approx. 15.6mm OD. Current model ” Powder Jack” have 7/16-14 studs which measure approx. 11mm.


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