15 ” Saw blade acquired thru Fanno Sawworks of California. Selected for its  heavy gauge material and width which make it more useful when needed as a Snow Knife. Size fits perfectly with segmented pole sections.




Saw and attachment hardware used with Powder Snatch (sold separately)

Pocket Ox has partnered with one of North America’s most esteemed saw manufactures to offer a saw blade that attaches directly to the Powder Snatch. For routine or emergence tree cutting chores. When you need a tool like this the last thought you want to have is “Well let’s see if this thing works.” These are the very best Professional Grade saws available. Selected for their heavy gauge and extra width which make them more effective when needed as a snow knife. Saw Blades are not stainless steel and should be treated accordingly. Pocket Ox does not stock the scabbard for this blade but recommends the Weaver #1700 available through most Arborist supply sites.

Note: Some State laws and ordinances make it unlawful to build a “pole-saw” that is electrically conductive. By attaching more than one Aluminum section to this blade you are behaving as a criminal. Not the guy that made the saw, not the guy that sold the saw, You.


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